Custom lead generation form & a landing page management system

Project goal

To provide Omnipack marketing team with a tool enabling for rapid creation, management and optimization of multi-lingual landing pages.

Our scope

UX design

UI design

Web development

Project duration


Technologies used



Php 7.4



Stage 1 of 3

We started this project by building an embeddable,
2-step lead generation form

While designing, our main was to make filling this long survey as fun as possible. Therefore we introduced many visual clues, reducing total cognitive load put on user while undertaking the survey, In addition, we implemented a 2-step approach, in which the user chooses whether to provide only the necessary information or fill the entire questionare. This approach turned out to be a highly effective as far form completition rates were considered.

The form was built around 12 questions,which provide Omnipack with enough information to prepare a comprehensive service offering.

Stage 2 of 3

During second phase of the project, we designed a highly-converting landing page layout, which included our custom lead generation form

Thanks to the implementation of two-step lead generation form and well planned information architecture, landing pages turned out to be highly effective, maintaining conversion rates of up to 20% on UK and DACH markets.

Stage 3 of 3

Having proven the effectiveness of our landing page concept, we developed a simple, yet powerful landing page management system.

The introduced system enabled Omnipack's marketing team to launch highly converting landing pages within minutes, therefore speeding up company's expansion on european markets

See how it preforms live

UX/UI design

Marcin Mroczka

Web development

Konrad Reperowski

Growth strategy

Anna Sztabkowska | Skalski Growth

Web development

Barnaba Gańko

Web development

Adam Kwiecień

SEO optimisation

Mateusz Wrzos | greyotters

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