Our process is carefully structured, yet easily adaptable for different project needs



After receiving your message, we will conduct a free of charge online workshop to structure out you project idea and gain better understanding of the scope. Based on that we'll prepare a comprehensive estimation



During concept phase, we'll focus on researching the user and business needs, as well as creating initial prototypes of the solution. Once we establish a promising concept, we'll move to the actual design



Just as the concept phase, this phase will be an iterative process. Starting with rough wireframes, we'll go through many feedback rounds and usability tests to eventually reach a flawless, ready-to-implement user interface



In this phase, the work is divided into 1-2 week-long sprints, during which, we’re building previously designed functionalities. In the end, we focus on software testing and implementation of analytical tools, to help you with the process of data measure.

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Online workshop

Free estimation

Is estimation within the project budget?


UX Research



Is the concept satisfactory?


UX Design

UI Design

Usability testing

Is the design meeting users expectations?


Software engenieering

Testing & Deployment


Technologies we work with:

Powerful JS framework developed by Facebook, used by companies like Netflix or PayPal to run their web and native apps.

A fullstack framework following model-view-controller design pattern. Its main goal is to speed up development process.

An open-source progressive model–view–view-model JavaScript framework, which streamlines UI implementations.

An open-source platform that makes it super easy to separate application layer from infrastructure.

One of the most popular PHP frameworks. Build around MVC architecture with fast and secure development in mind.

JS module bundler, responsible for your packages dependency management, also helps to keep code clear and scalable.

Literally called Syntactically AWESOME Style Sheets, extends and wraps CSS up with super powers, making it more complex.

Strongly typed programming language developed by Microsoft, enabling static typing and OOP paradigms in JS.

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